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To date Sarwar Alam Raz has written nine books in Urdu and English on various subjects. The list given below reflects his wide-ranging interests in writing. Encompassing Civil Structural Engineering, Urdu poetry (Ghazal, nazm^, qit^a'at etc.), Afsaane (short stories), literary articles and Islaamiyaat, the list is interesting as well as intriguing. It is hoped that the visitor to this site will find something of his interest here! If only it were possible to reproduce Sarwar's text books on Structural Engineering! :-)

In English:

(1) Analytical Methods in Structural Engineering: 1974
(2) Structural Design in Steel: 1996
(3) Handbook for Hajj and Umra: 1999
(4) Handbook for Muslim Burials: 2002

In Urdu:

(1) Shehr-e-Nigar (Ghazaliyaat): 1993
(2) Rang-e-Gulnar (Ghazaliyaat): 1999
(3) Durr-e-Shahwar (Ghazaliyaat): 2004
(4) Teesraa Haath (short stories): 2001
(5) Baaqiyaat-e-Raz (literary criticism): 2000

Sarwar is currently working on a fourth collection of his Ghazals, a collection of his nazm^s and also on a collection of his literary articles- all in Urdu.


Sarwar kee ab tak nau (9) kitaabeN aa chukee haiN:

(1) do kitaabeN Civil Engineering par English meN haiN.
(2) Handbook for Hajj and Umrah: English meN
(3) Handbook for muslim Burials: English meN

in ke i'laavah Urdu meN darj-e-zel kitaabeN maujood haiN:

(1) Shehr-e-Nigar (Ghazaliyaat)
(2) Rang-e-Gulnar (Ghazaliyaat)
(3) Durr-e-Shahwar (Ghazaliyaat)
(4) Teesraa Haath: Afsaane
(5) Baaqiyaat-e-Raz: Abul Fazil :Raz: Chandpuri kee shaai'ree kaa tajziyah aur ta,a'aruf.

Sarwar aaj kal apne chauth`e majmoo,a'-e-Ghazaliyaat par kaam kar rahe haiN. saath` hee un ke Urdu maZ^aameen kaa majmoo,a'h bh`ee zer-e-tarteeb hai.